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Far Outfit is a clothing-recycling consumer-driven pop shop. Meaning, we love recycling the clothing we like and that you, our customer likes, with an eye toward popular culture and developing trends. We look to  the concept of pre-trending fashion to pick our seasonal stock. And we take a few risks so our customers can too. Never ever ever buy new!

Pardon our "Site" Dust - Our Online Shop is OPEN while we improve our site.


While we are closed and quarantined at home, we are opening our online shop. Happy to ship world-wide. We wish you and your loved-ones well at this time and hope your new items bring you joy. If you would like to buy in person, we have a gift card deal going for when we open again in April.

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Reach out and touch us! So we can touch you back. Nothing viral here except our social media posts. Give us a few days to respond. If you need to get ahold of us sooner, send a text or call 

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